Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Daily Make Up Kits

To be honest, I'm forced to be a little bit "productive" during this hard period ~ my life is full of presentations, you know? However, I still passionate in writing (not include paper with those fawk theory of literature lol), especially in blogging on which I can share all the things that are to me considerably interesting. Aaannnddd now, I'm gonna share about my daily make up kits :) Here we go ~~

Okay, let me mention each of them...
  1. BB cream is a must! It promotes dewy finish and fresh face. Skinfood Peach Sake BB cream suits on me so bad since my face is very oily.
  2. La Tulipe loose powder that is focus in acne problem is my so-so powder to prevent any acne I have been fighting against.
  3. Pixy brown eyebrow pencil has very subtle color, but I love the pink of this pencil ;)
  4. I have many kinds of eyeshadow, for the simplest one I choose Maybelline Studio Quad and Oriflame creme eyeshadow. I always adore Korean girls who make their face up with subtle color yet sparkling, so gold creme eyeshadow is the best color for your daily make up.
  5. This is my fave, ELF eyeliner pen. Mine is brown, I think the color is not that strong so you have to line up your eyes repeatedly.
  6. I tell you that I'm not a fan of mascara. Okay, it's so magical since it gives you "blooming" eyelashes, but sometimes a clump of mascara messes up my eye make up by sticking on, for instance, lower lashes or glasses. I own Maybelline Unstoppable curly extension.
  7. Yayy I love Etude House Kissful Lip Care ♥ Belive me, it cures your chapped lips and gives plain color to lips. Really want to repurchase!
  8. Maybelline has the most affordable price among other drugstore cosmetics, so I have many different tones of Maybelline's lipstick.
  9. Theennn... it's Kissful Lip Care's bestfriend, to me, Etude House Apricot Stick yayy! It has pigmented color, I swear, thus you can double it up as lipstick. I love combine those kissful lip care and apricot stick, it tastes sugary sweet yummyyy....

Those are my compulsory cosmetics for daily make up. I'm happy sharing this with you, dolls... :) And it must be much more fun if you also share your daily make up kits on your blog, I really want to know indeed :)

Thank you so much and have a nice day ~~ Bubyee... :*


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