Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lola Pink, I ♥ You :)

Up shoes
Hey, look at those shoes, so cute huh? The color ~ baby pink and the model are very tempted me. It's going to be my next order, so I guys can't wait for June for ordering a pair of this lovely. The web is currently close because they run out the materials. But, as my experience, I don't need to wait within two weeks for production ~ about five days it would be in my hand. 
Baby pink suits for any colors ~ I think ~ because it has light color and easily mixed with other significant colors. It's heels, not wedges, so I might learn walking on high heels. Haha...

I ♥ it, I ♥ it!!!

I'm Broke

I admit it that I'm addicted in online shopping. If only I could cure this 'ill' at rehabilitation, I were sure I wouldn't. Haha... Why do I love this such a thing? Because sometimes online shops offer cute and unique stuffs that are not available at store. Besides, I don't need exhaust myself for walking around mall or stores. That's just my opinion.

Now, I'm totally broke, depending my weekly-pocket-money, I want do shopping instead. Please, give me buckles :p haha... I'm sick for this fashion fever, I'm starving for this fashion hunger. Help me!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mini skirt and Wondershoe Shoes

I also love wondershoe :)
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Papa's Birthday

Today ~ 5 May is my papa's birthday. Kevin and I (also Deva who is far from us) would like to say...

We love you... Special thanks from me because you gave special gift for me today ~ on your birthday.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Haul: Up Wedges, Skirts, Baggy Pants, and Colorfull Tights

Hello everyone, nice to see you again :)

Finally I got my wedges from Up ~ Jane grey. Yayy!!!
Up wedges ~ Jane grey
Up wedges ~ Jane grey
Up wedges ~ Jane grey ~ flowery pattern
Up wedges ~ Jane grey
If you read my previous post, you might curious why I didn't choose Kate two tone but Jane grey instead. That because the web didn't provide my size for Kate so I prefer to own Jane. Hehe... The flowery pattern is sooo lovely, I like it, and so vintage as well. This wedges have height 9 cm, it's quite high and, for sure, I can't walk easily because I'm not capable wearing too high heels nor wedges. But this wegdes is fairly light so it's wearable for daily walks. The price is also affordable and worthy in which you can donate IDR 5000 for charity.

I also got two skirts, lime green and fuschia; green and grey tights; and coffee baggy pants. Sorry I can't capture them maybe later I'll show you. For me, the biggest haul for this month is Up wedges. Haha...

Okay gurls, I have to lend my laptop to my next-door-friend. Bubyee... muahhh...

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