Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today is the Most Stressful Day!

I had two presentations today, first interpreting in translation class, and then Old English Literature in History of English class. Oh, don't forget quiz in Listening 4 class. Ngeekkk... I feel so exhausted from many assignments, presentation, and many more which can make me inconvenient. Moreover, I did the worst for interpreting because, for me, it's the hardest part from any other presentations. We had to translate what people spoke on the spot without looking up the dictionary, and remembering hard all the sentences they had spoken. Note that interpreting needs a skill of well-English speaker. I admit that I'm not a such of cas-cis-cus English speaker. Huhu... I just made the better one in the first section and after that all were going worse toward.

Then, History of English presentation ~~ just so so because I just read and explain about the material which had been divided into four parts according to the members of group. I explained the first part and, thank God, no one asked about Old English (my part). Most of them (viewers) asked about the literature (Icha's part) and Beowulf (Desy's part). Huff... all are being well so far, except........

One of my friend (sorry, I don't want to name her) acted rudely as if she deceived my performance in presentation. When all my friends were clapping for applause, she acted in awkward manner. I don't know how to describe what she has done today but she's always been annoying for me and my companions. It's just one example of her annoying behavior. I know that she's smart but she can't socialize with others. She's very annoying... >.<


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