Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review Skin Drink Aqua Lotion I (for Oily Skin) Etude House

Let's get started for the first product of Etude House → Skin Drink Aqua Lotion I. This is daily moisturizer for face, especially for oily skin.
Skin Drink Aqua Lotion I (Oily Skin)
The package is bottle, content 180ml (generous amount), it also has green (I think turquoise or teal) color. The texture is very liquid near like water (because it's water base, not oil base) so it doesn't give any greasy feeling after you apply this on to your face.
the texture of Skin Drink Aqua Lotion
We move to product description ~~>
  1. For oily and combination skin
  2. Mild oil free
  3. PH-balanced skin moisturizer developed for young skin to promote clear complexion
  4. Formulated with deep sea mineral water for moisturizing.
How to use ~~>
  1. Apply after toner
  2. Dispense lotion onto hands
  3. Apply lotion to all areas of face and neck
As I don't have Skin Drink Aqua toner, I just use the lotion I remaining my oily skin, and it doesn't matter. Inspite of turquoise color, it gives clear complexion so you don't need to be worry about your changing skin tone. And... I love the scent. I gladly tell you that this lotion is perfumed and the scent for me is like aloe vera scent. How refreshing.... PhotobucketYeah, I'm not sensitive in using perfumed skincare. Unfortunately, I don't deal with the bottle, it bothers me. I have a difficulty to pour the lotion onto my hand because I have to shake it gently so that the lotion get out the bottle. I apparently like shaking the bottle of sauce and making an effort of pouring them on my fried noodles. Eekk... Photobucket 

Skin Drink Aqua Lotion works very well on my face. First time using this, my face had been very fresh all day long though I didn't wash my face. I swear for that. No more oily skin, no more too shiny forehead, and I LOVE this product!!! XDBasically, whether it works well or not, it just depend on your skin type and sensitivity. It's highly recommended product, indeed, if you have the similar skin type like me.

After all, I give 4 stars for this productPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket


  1. masa sih?? jadi mupeng nih (>.<)
    aku sih pakai yg Clean Face FaceShop, Sama tuh botol kaca
    susah ngeluarin isinya., pernah lg buru2 ku shake kekencengan ampir slipoff dr tangan (>.<) pecah berabe kan T.T
    hm... menarik.,
    ku follow ya
    berapa harganya ya?

    1. harganya 80rb sayy, tapi vary depends on shops.
      klo menurutku ini bukan botol kaca, jadi kalo jatoh ga bakal pecah.
      mau beli dan nyobain jg ya say? :D

      oh ya, thank you for following me :) muah ♥



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