Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Wishlist

As a girl, I have many daily needs and sometimes we find it's hard to separate which one is more important. Okay, I would tell a lie if I don't need clothes, shoes, make up, and whatever the girl needs. Unfortunately, in my case, I'm still a university student and haven't earn money by myself so I have to be smart managing the money. If only I had much pounds, I didn't need to worry about spending them. And you don't have to be silly by 'wasting' your parents' money, do you?

Girls like being confuse of choosing something, indeed. They're torn between this or that, thinking several times, spending much time just to choose what they should buy. Arrgghh... Yep, this is happening right now in myself. I think I should buy the ~ most ~ important thing, what I really need, not the shopaholic-tempation. Haha...

I just want to share my wishlist. It ain't wrong, is it? From the most important to the unimportant...

First, I'm confuse choosing the shoes. Which one do you prefer, girls? Please vote. Hehe...
Up shoes: Jane grey
Up shoes: Kate two tone

Then, I want to buy circle lens because my previous softlens are almost expired. Again, torn in two options :p
Geo Angel
Geo Angel brown
Geo Nudy
Geo Nudy brown

Cream or gel eyeliner for dramatic eyes. To be honest, I would take a revenge of accidentally buying fake coastal scents gel liner. Hyaaattt!!!! 
Etude House: Code B Strong Eyeliner #strong brown
Elf: Cream Eyeliner #plum purple

Finally, I end up it in blush. I wanna try something new for me ~~ cream blusher.
Etude House: Miss Tangerine Choux Cream Blusher #2
Baviphat: Naughty Girl Chiffon Cake Cream Blusher
I wish I could buy those all !!! Hahaha... See ya...


  1. hallo Monica :D
    IMO, for shoes, I choose the red one, its beautiful n look ah-dorable,
    for lens, if you wanna have lens with vivid and vibrant color, choose angel series, trust me although nudy color have unique pattern, its not have vivid color :(
    for eyeliner, vote for ELF♥
    for blush, Miss Tangerine Choux Cream Blusher #2.. its easy to apply and the color.. hmm :drolling:
    I hope u get a right choose, keke :*



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