Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First Post about Fashion

Ppssttt... don't tell my mom that I've already spent all money that she gave me. Ouh, it would be silly and fool spending much pounds just for doing shopping. But I'm not regret at all hahaha... You know what? I bought two bottoms: mini skirt and cargo pants. Yep yep, I didn't have those all back and now I have a big temptation of fashion instead of make up.

I know I'm very old school T^T ~~ wearing clothes in super duper usual ways ~~ but it's me babe! DARE TO BE DIFFERENT is my philosophy. Due to Diana Rikasari, who is an Indonesia fashion blogger, I begin to take care my appearance again. My old purple tight now is useful again, and all my stuffs which haven't been used become so worthy because I try to mix and match all my own.

Here I bring some photos of her with her fashion passion

Actually, you don't need to buy expensive branded clothes or shoes, you just need your old clothes (you may borrow mom's clothes), make them in sync and different. If you don't have belt or obi, for instance, take your long pearl necklace and round them at the waist. Voilaa... you are gonna be so gorgeous then! Just play around with all your clothes, shoes, and accessories then you'll get amazing look. Muaahhh...Photobucket


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