Monday, April 4, 2011

Childish Blog

My best friend, Tika, had viewed my blog and she said my blog is very childish. Woops! Okay, she doesn't have blog, she never know how to manage blog, how to create cute template like this.chuu I realize and my friends know that I'm 20 years old which is a phase you called "not a girl, not yet a woman". People around me and my close friends (best friends and all my classmates) know that I behave like a kid who has 'cempreng' (I don't know how to translate it) voice, tiny body (lebay), and such a troublesome child. Hahaha... 

So, what's wrong with my childish-template-blog? I don't need to be worry about my age and my behavior. Physically I'm mature, but basically I'm still childish like kindergarten student. Once again, I don't need to be worry about. It's me and I ♥


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