Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review SkinFood Red Bean BB Cream SPF 20 PA+

Hello everyone. How are you? Hope everything is going well.

I'm doing quick post. I have been using sample size of Red Bean BB Cream in light beige which I got for free when I purchased Etude House products. It's claimed for dry combination skin but I dare to try even though I have very oily skin. But the fact is this BB cream works as for oily so I still stay away of blotting my face for several times. Wow, great!
Red Bean BB Cream
the shade
swatch - once blending
after blending

The shade of Red Bean is quite different with Peach Sake. It's darker inspite of in light beige. I think that all SkinFood BB cream have the same shade but I'm totally wrong. Hahaha...
comparison Red Bean (left) and Peach Sake BB Cream (right)

That's the review. Hope you enjoy gurls. Hehe... Bubyee...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First Post about Fashion

Ppssttt... don't tell my mom that I've already spent all money that she gave me. Ouh, it would be silly and fool spending much pounds just for doing shopping. But I'm not regret at all hahaha... You know what? I bought two bottoms: mini skirt and cargo pants. Yep yep, I didn't have those all back and now I have a big temptation of fashion instead of make up.

I know I'm very old school T^T ~~ wearing clothes in super duper usual ways ~~ but it's me babe! DARE TO BE DIFFERENT is my philosophy. Due to Diana Rikasari, who is an Indonesia fashion blogger, I begin to take care my appearance again. My old purple tight now is useful again, and all my stuffs which haven't been used become so worthy because I try to mix and match all my own.

Here I bring some photos of her with her fashion passion

Actually, you don't need to buy expensive branded clothes or shoes, you just need your old clothes (you may borrow mom's clothes), make them in sync and different. If you don't have belt or obi, for instance, take your long pearl necklace and round them at the waist. Voilaa... you are gonna be so gorgeous then! Just play around with all your clothes, shoes, and accessories then you'll get amazing look. Muaahhh...Photobucket

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Wishlist

As a girl, I have many daily needs and sometimes we find it's hard to separate which one is more important. Okay, I would tell a lie if I don't need clothes, shoes, make up, and whatever the girl needs. Unfortunately, in my case, I'm still a university student and haven't earn money by myself so I have to be smart managing the money. If only I had much pounds, I didn't need to worry about spending them. And you don't have to be silly by 'wasting' your parents' money, do you?

Girls like being confuse of choosing something, indeed. They're torn between this or that, thinking several times, spending much time just to choose what they should buy. Arrgghh... Yep, this is happening right now in myself. I think I should buy the ~ most ~ important thing, what I really need, not the shopaholic-tempation. Haha...

I just want to share my wishlist. It ain't wrong, is it? From the most important to the unimportant...

First, I'm confuse choosing the shoes. Which one do you prefer, girls? Please vote. Hehe...
Up shoes: Jane grey
Up shoes: Kate two tone

Then, I want to buy circle lens because my previous softlens are almost expired. Again, torn in two options :p
Geo Angel
Geo Angel brown
Geo Nudy
Geo Nudy brown

Cream or gel eyeliner for dramatic eyes. To be honest, I would take a revenge of accidentally buying fake coastal scents gel liner. Hyaaattt!!!! 
Etude House: Code B Strong Eyeliner #strong brown
Elf: Cream Eyeliner #plum purple

Finally, I end up it in blush. I wanna try something new for me ~~ cream blusher.
Etude House: Miss Tangerine Choux Cream Blusher #2
Baviphat: Naughty Girl Chiffon Cake Cream Blusher
I wish I could buy those all !!! Hahaha... See ya... 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Review SkinFood Peach Sake BB Cream SPF 20 PA+

Wohoo, finally I have new BB cream in full size after 'surviving' in several months with many kinds of sample size BB cream because I run out my gel foundation. At first I was confused choosing between Revlon mousse foundation, BB Magic Cream Etude, or Peach Sake BB cream SkinFood. Remaining that I have very oily skin and the more affordable price, I end it up by buying Peach Sake BB Cream. I was browsing too much for getting the reviews about it. Some are pro and others are con ~~ I think it just depends on the skin type so I consider Peach Sake BB Cream might suit for my skin and neglecting all the reviews. Haha...
Peach Sake BB Cream

Peach Sake BB Cream

Peach Sake BB Cream ~ Eco friendly wooden cap
pumper tube

It has pumper tube and it quite bothers me because I can't pump the appropriate amount ~ sometimes I pump it less so I have to give additional amount but it ends to too much amount. What a waste!Photobucket But it doesn't give negative view at all because pumper tube keep the content hygiene. Yeah, it is my first pumper BB cream so sorry for silly using the tube. Hehe...

description on the back

I know that my webcam didn't capture the text on the tube, so here the description ~

Containing Peach extract that soothes oily, troubled skin, and Sake that controls excessive sebum secretion, this light-textured blemish cream effectively conceals skin impurities and gives natural coverage for a flawless complexion.

swatch the shade #2 natural beige
blending once
finished blending
I have #2 shade ~ natural beige because my skin tone is very Indonesian ~ and the shade, for me, is like yellow and lighter than other BB creams I've ever used like Missha and Etude House. However, the shade doesn't give any complains so far, it suits to my skin tone. Moreover, it is fragranced BB cream which the fragrance is like hand-body lotion of local brand. Haha... I like it because flowery scents alike gives comfort feeling while doing make up.Photobucket

Peach Sake BB cream is a line for oily skin ~ oil control is not that bad but I still keep on blotting with tissue to absorb the sebum. The coverage is just like others BB cream for me ~ gives dewy finish.Photobucket

I bought it for IDR 92,000 ~ very cheap, right?
Content: 30ml

I ain't going to give rating or stars for any products which I review because sometimes they have good first impression but afterward they are not what I've expected in the first time using. I recommend for testing out new products 2 weeks prior to give a boost.

Hmm... repurchase? I might give a try for another brands or lines so that I can find out the best for my skin. Okay, that's all my review today about Peach Sake BB cream, hopefully it guides you to buy the prefect one for yours. Bubyee...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today is the Most Stressful Day!

I had two presentations today, first interpreting in translation class, and then Old English Literature in History of English class. Oh, don't forget quiz in Listening 4 class. Ngeekkk... I feel so exhausted from many assignments, presentation, and many more which can make me inconvenient. Moreover, I did the worst for interpreting because, for me, it's the hardest part from any other presentations. We had to translate what people spoke on the spot without looking up the dictionary, and remembering hard all the sentences they had spoken. Note that interpreting needs a skill of well-English speaker. I admit that I'm not a such of cas-cis-cus English speaker. Huhu... I just made the better one in the first section and after that all were going worse toward.

Then, History of English presentation ~~ just so so because I just read and explain about the material which had been divided into four parts according to the members of group. I explained the first part and, thank God, no one asked about Old English (my part). Most of them (viewers) asked about the literature (Icha's part) and Beowulf (Desy's part). Huff... all are being well so far, except........

One of my friend (sorry, I don't want to name her) acted rudely as if she deceived my performance in presentation. When all my friends were clapping for applause, she acted in awkward manner. I don't know how to describe what she has done today but she's always been annoying for me and my companions. It's just one example of her annoying behavior. I know that she's smart but she can't socialize with others. She's very annoying... >.<

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review Etude House Precious BB Cream Mineral SPF 30/PA++

Yesterday I tried to use sample size of Etude House which I got for free when I purchased the products from an online shop. I applied Precious BB Cream Mineral #2 Sheer Glowing Skin on my face. It is my second BB cream I've ever used and I got good impression of staying power and complexion.
sample size of Precious BB Cream Mineral #2 Sheer Glowing Skin

full size of Precious BB Cream Mineral #2 Sheer Glowing Skin

It's claimed for anti-wrinkle, whitening, anti-darkening, and high SPF (SPF30/PA++) which can protect you from UV rays. The texture is like another BB creams, liquid, not gel or cream. The formula blend easily and give sheer complexion as if you didn't wear any BB creams or foundation, also promote dewy finish.
the texture and color

after blending

This BB cream doesn't have fragrance like my first BB cream I used `Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25/PA++. For me, it doesn't matter if BB cream is fragrance or not because I'm not sensitive with the fragranced products.

Precious BB cream Mineral prevents me to blot my face for several times because my oily skin no more oily after applying this. Staying power is good but first I blotted my face with tissue, the formula also stuck on tissue so I have to retouched up my make up with powder to cover the mottle. Hahaha...

I'm so sorry all my friends of not showing you the best picts of swatch. cries

I give five PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket for this product. Muaahhh...Photobucket

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review Etude House LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails

In previous post I had reviewed Etude House Petite Darling Nails, another line of nail polish of Etude House. Now I'm reviewing LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails which has glittering and shimmering color. I chose #coral jewel having peach near to pink color. This color is similar with what Michelle Phan polished on her nails. Nice color...
LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails

The bottle is so cute surely with the shape of heart and the content is more generous ~ 13ml ~ than Petite Darling Nails. Glittering 03 coral jewel has gold glitter but it's not too glittery. The texture also ain't as smooth as Petite Darling because it gives a sense of gritty texture on your nails after drying. However, the gritty is light and doesn't give any complains so far.
I love the color!
Similar with Petite Darling, LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails also fast dry, easy to remove, and milk texture alike. Okay, so this is my second Etude House nail polish after Petite Darling #grape chou. Love them...love

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