Saturday, March 26, 2011

Review Kissful Lip Care Etude House

Nice to see you again. Okay, it's time to review new-bought-product Etude House→ Kissful Lip Care #peach.
Kissful Lip Care #peach
It's lip balm with pretty strong scent, for me the scent is like bubble gum, yummy ~~ (I wanna eat it >.<). It  doesn't have color on your lips as well you apply it. And, I love the packaging, the picture of chubby girl and the peachy color more interested me to buy.
I deal with the label note, this lip balm gives three effects: firming, soothing, and moisturizing. For your information, my lips is very dry and chapped and I need to use several kind of lip balm to keep it moisturized. Because of new-bought-product, recently I prefer to use this cute lip balm, and no more dry and chapped lips. I strongly recommend you to try this one if you have same problem with me.
The size supports you to bring it everywhere in your clutch or pocket. Whenever you feel your lips dry, apply it and... voilaa! bubye chapped lips... :)


  1. where usually do you buy all the cosmetic based from Korea?? are you Indonesian? it's nice to find a beauty blogger from Indonesia :)



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