Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review Eyelash Curler Etude House

eyelash curler pink etude house
Before I go to bed, I'd like to review eyelash curler from etude house. This curler is pretty because it has pink plastic on the handle but there's no the name emboss of etude house on it so people will never know it is etude house unless you tell them.

eyelash curler pink etude house
I was using eyelash curler pink etude house

At first I used this tool, it didn't seem fit to my eyes, in other word, the curler is a little bit wider than my eyes. I tried to curl my lashes but it couldn't catch all those. However, after many times of uses, it starts to work. It curls my lashes very well. Not too bad... You can get this cute stuff, which has super inexpensive IDR 25,000, in etude house shop or online shops.


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