Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Review Apricot Stick Etude House

Apricot Stick #4 apricot

I'm back to give review some Etude House products. Hence, I review Apricot Stick #4 apricot. It's a lip balm which has soft pale color but the color on my lips seems to be crayon lipstick. I think #4 apricot still has pigmented color, not pale. 
Apricot Stick #4 apricot
swatch Apricot Stick #4 apricot

I unsure that this is a lip balm because the first week I used it, my chapped and dry lips looks not recovered. A couple of weeks afterward, yeah, my lips is being moisturizing, though sometimes it's still chapped. So I have to give additional treatment for my lips: brush it gently with toothbrush. It works, babe! I've decided to take another lip balm or lip moisturizer like Kissful Lip Care Etude House. You know what, my lips is super duper chapped and I must take various lip balms to make it "kissable" again.

I'm so sorry for not showing off the color on my lips. Fyi, the color from my lips in photos above is the combination of apricot stick and maybelline lipstick. Moreover, the color of apricot stick is long lasting. I use it before I go to bed and in the morning the color is still vibrant.


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