Saturday, March 26, 2011

Internship Abroad

Which one of you haven't heard or known EF yet? Yep, it's one of well-known English courses in Indonesia, even worldwide which the branches spread out in many countries. Honestly, I know EF from my idol, Choky Sitohang, who is EF brand ambassador, and he told it, I mean, advertised it throughout twitter (I follow him). I also know EF from my lovely Gogirl magazine which shares the experience from the student who had internship abroad. Unfortunately, I'm not EF student (I'm thinking of being EF student if I have spare time).

By the way, today I had workshop and test in hotel Novotel Jogja which was hold by EF. It should have started at 9 a.m. but always, Indonesia has rubber time. Hahaha... it is very familiar in our beloved country. At 9.30 the representative, Maria Sirait, who is the manager of EF, started to have presentation about how we make CV (curriculum vitae) for job application and well job interview. She gave many new informations for us, and for me what she gave is similar with what I read in internet.

Oh yeah, I got new friend, her name Winda from University of Atmadjaya in fourth semester. You know what, she assumed that I'm in second semester instead I'm in sixth semester, I'm older than her. Hahaha... how young I am. During the workshop, I was with her and we had chitchat. For me, she is very calm girl, and I'm lebay (we translate it into super duper over acting. hahaha). I couldn't make her laugh but she knew that I'm pink lover.

The test includes grammar, vocabulary, and... sorry I forget the next which I think it was just so so for me as English Literature student (there are some parts that I was doubt to answer). Don't be arrogant, honey... because tomorrow I will have interview for overseas internship. Hopefully, the result of test today is good and I'll get success interview tomorrow.

Workshop ended at 1 p.m. and I went home with my dad by motorcycle. Ohh... I just brought one piece formal clothes so tomorrow I will have worn the same and I hope no one realize it. Haha... Wish me luck, guys...


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