Sunday, March 27, 2011

About Interview Today

Today I had interview for internship abroad at hotel Phoenix Jogja. First, I was interviewed by Maria Sirait, she asked me everything, about me, my family background, etc. After that she announced that I passed the step, in other words, I can do intern abroad, in this case in USA. Oh my gosh, I've never imagine that I could go abroad and have an experience in working as well as keep in touch with people there. It would be the most valuable chance that never be back at once you miss it! o_O

But, the cost is too much for me, especially for my family. Yeah, I'm not wealthy and maybe I will miss this chance. I hope Allah gives me much pounds so I can do the intern for the infestation in the future. You will ease for applying job if you have experiences working in foreign country. Now, I'm hopeless knowing that I can't go to USA to take this super valuable chance!


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