Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Upgrade

Hwoaa, I've just added some widgets on my blog, and new cbox for very cute smiley attached. I'd been blogwalking and I found many so cute (so gorgeous) blogs ... They are kawaii blogs. At first I didn't know what kawaii is and then I asked my friends, icha and yushal, who are very addicted in korea and japan stuff. They said that kawaii is "cantik" in Bahasa Indonesia but actually they didn't answer my question at all. The pictures of kawaii are soo cuutttteee ...

And now, I'm trying to make my blog cute as well by adding some cutie kawaiis. it badly!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

About Interview Today

Today I had interview for internship abroad at hotel Phoenix Jogja. First, I was interviewed by Maria Sirait, she asked me everything, about me, my family background, etc. After that she announced that I passed the step, in other words, I can do intern abroad, in this case in USA. Oh my gosh, I've never imagine that I could go abroad and have an experience in working as well as keep in touch with people there. It would be the most valuable chance that never be back at once you miss it! o_O

But, the cost is too much for me, especially for my family. Yeah, I'm not wealthy and maybe I will miss this chance. I hope Allah gives me much pounds so I can do the intern for the infestation in the future. You will ease for applying job if you have experiences working in foreign country. Now, I'm hopeless knowing that I can't go to USA to take this super valuable chance!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Internship Abroad

Which one of you haven't heard or known EF yet? Yep, it's one of well-known English courses in Indonesia, even worldwide which the branches spread out in many countries. Honestly, I know EF from my idol, Choky Sitohang, who is EF brand ambassador, and he told it, I mean, advertised it throughout twitter (I follow him). I also know EF from my lovely Gogirl magazine which shares the experience from the student who had internship abroad. Unfortunately, I'm not EF student (I'm thinking of being EF student if I have spare time).

By the way, today I had workshop and test in hotel Novotel Jogja which was hold by EF. It should have started at 9 a.m. but always, Indonesia has rubber time. Hahaha... it is very familiar in our beloved country. At 9.30 the representative, Maria Sirait, who is the manager of EF, started to have presentation about how we make CV (curriculum vitae) for job application and well job interview. She gave many new informations for us, and for me what she gave is similar with what I read in internet.

Oh yeah, I got new friend, her name Winda from University of Atmadjaya in fourth semester. You know what, she assumed that I'm in second semester instead I'm in sixth semester, I'm older than her. Hahaha... how young I am. During the workshop, I was with her and we had chitchat. For me, she is very calm girl, and I'm lebay (we translate it into super duper over acting. hahaha). I couldn't make her laugh but she knew that I'm pink lover.

The test includes grammar, vocabulary, and... sorry I forget the next which I think it was just so so for me as English Literature student (there are some parts that I was doubt to answer). Don't be arrogant, honey... because tomorrow I will have interview for overseas internship. Hopefully, the result of test today is good and I'll get success interview tomorrow.

Workshop ended at 1 p.m. and I went home with my dad by motorcycle. Ohh... I just brought one piece formal clothes so tomorrow I will have worn the same and I hope no one realize it. Haha... Wish me luck, guys...

Review Kissful Lip Care Etude House

Nice to see you again. Okay, it's time to review new-bought-product Etude House→ Kissful Lip Care #peach.
Kissful Lip Care #peach
It's lip balm with pretty strong scent, for me the scent is like bubble gum, yummy ~~ (I wanna eat it >.<). It  doesn't have color on your lips as well you apply it. And, I love the packaging, the picture of chubby girl and the peachy color more interested me to buy.
I deal with the label note, this lip balm gives three effects: firming, soothing, and moisturizing. For your information, my lips is very dry and chapped and I need to use several kind of lip balm to keep it moisturized. Because of new-bought-product, recently I prefer to use this cute lip balm, and no more dry and chapped lips. I strongly recommend you to try this one if you have same problem with me.
The size supports you to bring it everywhere in your clutch or pocket. Whenever you feel your lips dry, apply it and... voilaa! bubye chapped lips... :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Review Mini Size U Etude House: Astringent and Serum

Hello gurls, more etude house products to review. Welcome... Mini Size U Astringent and Serum. Yay... Okay, honestly I'm a university student and I haven't earn money to buy all expensive make up and skincare. Thus, I just buy or try the sample size with much cheaper price as well as testing the skincare, whether it works on my skin or not. Hehe... I bought a gift set of Mini Size U from an online shop and it has cute packaging. It contains astringent, serum, and cotton pad. Very cute... >.<
Mini Size U gift set

First, let's review the astringent. It seems toner but the bottle is a pumper so you have to spray it onto your face. Light rice wine fragrance refresh your skin badly. I love this product because it keeps my face fresh when the weather is so hot at noon. Content: 20ml
Mini Size U - Astringent

Then, I always use the serum as my night skincare before I go to bed. The texture is liquid like a lotion but it doesn't give any greasy feeling. Besides, I use it as a base of my daily make up because the main aim of this Mini Size U line is to tighten large pores and control the oil. Rice wine fragrance has been my favorite scent in which it's not too strong or too light, just so so :) Content: 15ml
Mini Size U - serum

At least but not last, the cotton pads haven't been used yet because I'm quite confuse how to use them and honestly, I heart them so much and I don't want to get rid of them. Hehe...
Mini Size U - cotton pad
I have to emphasize that Minisize U line is to tighten large pores and control the oil. I've been using them for two weeks and they work well. My face becomes not too shiny with much oil, it gets smoother and smoother. I recommend you to use this skincare line because the fragrance is so calming and it works on oily skin like me. Finally, I wish I could buy the full size then ;)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25/PA++

I've never been interested to Missha which is one of well-known cosmetic brands in Korea, even when I saw the counter at mall, so I never buy and try the products as well. But, I have a chance to try the product, Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25/PA++, yep I got sample size (12ml) inspite of not knowing the shade (ouh, I'm illegible in Korean language).
Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25/PA++
the shade of signature bb cream

after blending the bb cream

I can't lie to tell you that it is my first time using BB cream because I've been using foundation as my makeup base. Wow, I've got good first impression! This BB cream has covered my large pores and blemishes, and gave a dewy finish. My oily skin is being a little bit matte and I don't have to blot my face for several times. I really like this BB cream so I wish I could buy the full size (the price is very expensive for me). Oh ya, after using missha bb cream, I feel my skin smoother. Haha...
before using missha signature bb cream

after using missha signature bb cream
Okay, sorry for the photos. I can't take the real picture of sample size or best shoot for the swatch, yeah I still get a problem of my digital camera. Taking the photos via webcam in natural light is not too bad, is it? Hehehe....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review Eyelash Curler Etude House

eyelash curler pink etude house
Before I go to bed, I'd like to review eyelash curler from etude house. This curler is pretty because it has pink plastic on the handle but there's no the name emboss of etude house on it so people will never know it is etude house unless you tell them.

eyelash curler pink etude house
I was using eyelash curler pink etude house

At first I used this tool, it didn't seem fit to my eyes, in other word, the curler is a little bit wider than my eyes. I tried to curl my lashes but it couldn't catch all those. However, after many times of uses, it starts to work. It curls my lashes very well. Not too bad... You can get this cute stuff, which has super inexpensive IDR 25,000, in etude house shop or online shops.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sifat dan Sikap

Kamu percaya gag kalo sifat dan sikap kita bawaan lahir atau turunan dari orang tua? Iya sih, emang, tapi cuma berapa persen doank. Yang paling banyak pengaruh sama terbentuknya sifat dan sikap kita adalah lingkungan. 

Contoh aja dari aku. Aku dari kecil tinggal sama mbah dan kalian tau kan kalo mbah itu pasti sayang banget sama cucunya? Yep, dari kecil aku dimanja sama mbah dan tiap hari pun sama mbah terus (dari kelas dua SD pe lulus SD sama mbah terus). Mbah uti kan kepala sekolah, mbah kakung pengawas TK/SD, jadi gajinya banyak. Tiap aku pengen sesuatu saat itu juga pasti dibeliin, kalo gag dituruti ya tinggal nangis aja dan tadaaa diturutin juga akhirnya. Sekarang aku umur 20 tahun, aku masih manja kayak anak SD, swear, aku gag bohong. Aku suka nangis dan ngamuk-ngamuk kalo ada sesuatu yang gag sesuai sama keinginanku, aku juga suka banget ngerengek.

Itu contoh kecilnya. Ada banyak contoh lain kenapa sampe akhirnya sifat dan sikapku kayak gini. Segagnya aku bisa berusaha anakku nanti tumbuh di lingkungan yang kondusif yang bisa membentuk sifat dan sikap yang baik.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Akibat Keegoisan Orang Tua

Inilah akibatnya, anak-anak yang jadi korban pada akhirnya. Harusnya mereka sadar, kenapa deva jadi kayak gini sekarang karena keegoisan mereka. Udah cukup, aku speechless, aku gag tau gimana njelasinnya yang pasti ini salah satu yang buat aku selalu menangis......

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Review Etude House Petite Darling Nails HD Beam

Petite Darling Nails

It's time for nail polish gurls... Still from brand Etude House, I ordered Petite Darling Nails in #PP901 grape chou. You can see the bottle and the cap are very cute, aren't they? Not only the bottle, but the color also very gorgeous on nails.

swatch Petite Darling Nails #PP901
Sorry, the color doesn't show the real because I took the photo in the natural light. For me, color grape chou is pale purple or I think it's the pure purple. The color seems very contrast with my hand skin tone. Yep, I have dark skin, but this purple doesn't give any problem for my look. It syncs with my skin. Moreover, the color also syncs with any color of clothes. It's just my opinion.

Petite Darling Polish also has smooth texture like milk, fast dry, and easy to be removed with remover. Even though this is my first "branded" nail polish I've ever had, I'd like to give five stars for this polish. If you compare etude house polish with the polish that is sold in IDR 5,000, wow, it has a wide difference for sure. Hahaha... I think I should "throw away" my old "fancy" polish and try to collect more colors of polishes of Etude House. Hihihi...

Review Apricot Stick Etude House

Apricot Stick #4 apricot

I'm back to give review some Etude House products. Hence, I review Apricot Stick #4 apricot. It's a lip balm which has soft pale color but the color on my lips seems to be crayon lipstick. I think #4 apricot still has pigmented color, not pale. 
Apricot Stick #4 apricot
swatch Apricot Stick #4 apricot

I unsure that this is a lip balm because the first week I used it, my chapped and dry lips looks not recovered. A couple of weeks afterward, yeah, my lips is being moisturizing, though sometimes it's still chapped. So I have to give additional treatment for my lips: brush it gently with toothbrush. It works, babe! I've decided to take another lip balm or lip moisturizer like Kissful Lip Care Etude House. You know what, my lips is super duper chapped and I must take various lip balms to make it "kissable" again.

I'm so sorry for not showing off the color on my lips. Fyi, the color from my lips in photos above is the combination of apricot stick and maybelline lipstick. Moreover, the color of apricot stick is long lasting. I use it before I go to bed and in the morning the color is still vibrant.

Cuma Sensasi Sesaat

Aku ini orangnya moody banget. Kalo lagi pengen ini itu pasti pengen banget, pokoknya fokus banget sama keinginanku itu. Tapi lama-lama aku lupa sama pengenku itu karena aku punya pengen yang lain. Hahaha... jadi aku gag perlu khawatir dan cenat-cenut lagi sama sensasi itu. Aku udah lupa. Beneran deh. Hahaha...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pesta Kostum (Omigoshh...)

Yahh... penderitaan belum berakhir. Semester ini, sama seperti semester sebelumnya, ada kuliah jalan-jalan dan pesta kostum. Kalo sebelumnya ada kunjungan ke Undip dan table manner, sekarang hal tersebut terulang kembali. Aku lelah banget sama hal kayak gini. Bukan lelah secara fisik karena emang ini kuliah yang menyenangkan tapi lelah karena keluar BANYAK duit!

Jadi gini, semester ini ada kuliah Cross Cultural Understanding, tujuannya biar kita bisa mempelajari budaya negara lain tapi ini konteksnya bisnis. Sastra Inggris gag berarti cuma kenal sama negara-negara Inggris atau Amerika tapi juga negara lain. Kuliah ini ada tugas di akhir semester: PESTA KOSTUM!!! Omigosh... aku pusing memikirkannya. Jadi ntar kita pakai baju adat dari berbagai macam negara, boleh India, Jepang, Afrika, dan lain-lain. Satu hal lagi: HARUS pakai make up!!! Ya ampun, keluar duit pula buat beli make up. Aku bingung mau pakai baju apa yang pasti (motoku: DARE TO BE DIFFERENT) maunya beda daripada yang lain. Pengen pakai hanbok sih, baju adat Korea tapi kayaknya juga uda terlalu common. Lagi, pengen lolita victorian dress. Jadi tar makeupnya kayak lolita doll. Hmm so cute! Au ah, bajunya aja gag tau tar dapet sewa dimana. Kalo beli, please deh, harganya mahal gila! Ampe 1-16jutaan!! Apa lu kata?? Itu mah uda dapet bb, tipi, kulkas, mesin cuci, hahhhh.... *lemes.

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