Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stay Up

Hello everybody, tonight I stay up till morning. Hadudu, kadang aku suka ribet kalo mau ngomong dan nulis in english, padahal aku anak sastra inggris. That's ok my grammar is almost perfect but... I was smarter in english when I was in senior high school than now. Why? I eat all the things about english in campus and it makes me yuck! Anddd.... honestly, Im not good in speaking. Not fluently enough. Hahaha... what a shame!

My curiosity decreases, I even dont look up dictionary when I find difficult vocabs. I just use my feeling to define those words. Yeah, it seems I have a sense of literature. weekkk :p I take literature major but I havent search or read the novel yet. My thesis must be novel analysis. Do you have any ideas guys? What novel should I take? Whatever, I dont want to think about it seriously.Just have fun with the post huh. hahaha


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