Friday, January 28, 2011

Review: L.A. Girl 5 Piece Essential Brush Set

Hai, haii... I have a new product yayy. There's on the go brush set from LA Girl. Bdw, what is LA Girl? For you who are not familiar with this brand (same with me at that time), LA Girl is USA cosmetic brand. Even though I've never tried LA Girl cosmetics, this brush set can be a reference of how good the brand is. The brush is very good and soft, really good in blending the makeup formula.

lA Girl brush set has five brushes which are blush brush, all over shadow brush, eye definer brush, angled brow brush, and lip brush. Point plus is a pouch which can be used to store makeup products. Yayy!

Due to the name is 5 piece essential brush, of course the essential brush is very suitable to be brought when traveling. Thus, we can make a touch up wherever. Yayy.. :)


  1. I love this brush set, I just got mine last Sunday, and I swear it's so freaki'n soft, I can't help but touch it over and over again!



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